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How to Scrap Copper with ScrapLocal!

Scrap Local is home to some of the highest paying scrap copper buyers in the UK. Scrapping Copper with our members is simple! Browse through our buyers of copper on our scrapyard directory yourself.  Or fill in a quick enquiry form, where we will find the best scrapyard to buy your waste copper materials for you. 

Quick & Easy to Recycle your Scrap Copper

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Got Some Scrap Copper to recycle?

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What is the Price of Scrap Copper today in the UK?

The Price of scrap copper can fluctuate daily.

For accurate pricing on a per yard basis, please visit the Scrap Local member listing pages & view the yard’s individual price lists.

You can use the prices on this page as a guide but the scrapyard closest to you that buys copper may pay more or less.

This will depend on the metal grades your local scrapyard specialises in, the size of the yard and the location.

We can always send your enquiry to our specialist copper recyclers & get one of them to reach out if you like.

Current Scrap Copper Prices per ton




Dry Bright Wire


updated 15/01/2020

From pvc wire or cables, no connections

Clean Electro Copper


updated 15/01/2020

Transformer ends, Buzz bar from Mains Power cabinets etc.

New Copper Tube


updated 15/01/2020

New/Clean copper pipe, free of paint/solder/fittings

Hard Drawn Copper Wire


updated 15/01/2020

Overhead Power Cables

Greasy Bright Wire


updated 15/01/2020

From underground Cables, usually Lead armoured

Heavy Copper


updated 15/01/2020

Copper piping painted no fittings/ joints

No.2 Copper


updated 15/01/2020

Copper piping with joints/ fittings from central heating systems.

Copper Tanks/ Cylinders


updated 15/01/2020

Copper Tanks & Cylinders from central heating systems.

Braziery Copper Fittings


updated 15/01/2020

Soldered copper joints & fittings only. NO BRASS!

Lead Dipped Braziery


updated 15/01/2020

From underground Cables, usually Lead armoured

Electric Motors


updated 15/01/2020

(Under 1 Tonne) Motors from machines & appliances

Starter Motors & Alternators


updated 15/01/2020

Starter motors & Alternators from End of Life vehicles

Where can I find Scrap Copper?

There are many places copper can be found if you are on the look out for metal grades to recycle. Household Central heating systems and electrical wiring systems are where most residential customers accumulate scrap copper from.

If you are a regular producer of copper waste, you will likely be a plumber, electrician or engineer.

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