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The 5 most common reasons people scrap cars

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As a motorist, you will have probably experienced some form of car trouble since passing your driving test.

Flat tires, running out of fuel and the common knocks and bangs are popular day-to-day issues, but when dealing with more severe problems like ceased engines, faulty gearboxes or even repairing your vehicle after an accident, you may think ‘what is my car worth as scrap’ instead of carrying out the repairs.

It’s no myth that we live in a throwaway society. Although vehicles are quite expensive to buy, maintain and run, unfortunately, they aren’t built to last. Being exposed to the elements on a daily basis, the life expectancy of most cars is around 10 years on average…

With that being said and with Scrap Local being the UK’s largest network of independent scrap car dealers network of scrapyards in the UK, we thought we would let you know the 5 common reasons why people scrap cars?

  1. The car has failed it’s MOT.
  2. Been involved in an RTA – Road Traffic Accident.
  3. It’s not safe to drive.
  4. Costs too much to maintain & run.
  5. You want a hassle-free way of selling your car with no comebacks

It’s Failed it’s MOT.

The main reason why people scrap a car today is – it has failed it’s MOT. Cars that have failed an MOT don’t always have to be scrapped, parts can be found quite easily here at Scrap Local, should you wish to repair your car. But people often scrap an MOT failure because it costs too much to put right.

If you’re stuck on what to do when your car has failed it’s MOT, here’s a couple of things to consider.

  1. Check for a price from local scrap dealers here at Scrap Local.
  2. Find out how much it will cost to fix the problems with your local garage.
  3. If you need parts to pass an MOT, find out what you need from your mechanic and browse our catalogue of quality used car parts.

Been involved in an RTA – Road Traffic Accident.

When you’ve been involved in an RTA, your insurance company will often categorise your vehicle as a write-off depending on the severity of damage caused. People often scrap their car following an accident because the safety rating and the reliability of the car can become questioned and people worry that they could start encountering problems in the future.

If your vehicle has been categorised as a write-off, you will sometimes be able to buy the car back from the insurance company… Some people like to explore this option because:

  1. The amount of money the insurance company paid out may be less than it would be to replace the car like for like.
  2. Buying spare parts to fix the car from reputable car breakers and dismantlers can be inexpensive (Scrap Local Car breakers)
  3. The insurance company has offered less than a car breaker of dismantler would.

When dealing with the aftermath of an RTA, Scrap Local advises you to weigh up your options. Make sure the vehicle is safe if you have the repairs carried out and make sure you have safety inspections carried out.

If you would like to Scrap your car after an accident, our Scrap Local members would be more than happy to assist.

It’s not safe to drive.

If the vehicle has a valid MOT but something mechanically or cosmetically goes wrong with it, it may become expensive to repair and unsafe to drive… When this happens, we always advise scrapping a car instead of selling it.
If a vehicle is unsafe for whatever reason, selling a vehicle on to someone who says they will fix the issue doesn’t always happen and if they sell the vehicle on without fixing the issue or notifying the future owner,  the vehicle may potentially cause harm to others.
We aren’t here to tell you what to do but if you would like to scrap a vehicle, be it a motorcycle, car, 4×4 or van, our scrap local members can quote for your unsafe car.

Costs too much to maintain & run.

When vehicles reach a certain age, they start to become costly to maintain & run. cars may start burning oil, smoking, do less miles per gallon or go through tyres more frequently because of wear & tear.

You want a hassle free way of selling your car with no comebacks.

Ok so you’ve got a new car, thinking about getting a new car or you’re just that fed up of the way yours is behaving at the minute, you are thinking of selling it.
Trouble is, the engine management light is on, there’s a sqeeeking noise coming from the front wheel and it’s never gonna sell with no comebacks… eBay, Auto Trader, Gumtree and other vehicle selling marketplaces are all awesome places to sell a car, but if it’s between 8 and 12 years old, or even older than 12 years old – the price one of our Scrap Local agents can offer may be more than you thought.
Since our agents are specialist scrapyards or vehicle recyclers, they give you the best price possible!
Can you think of more reasons people would scrap their car? Have you recently scrapped your car for a different reason?
Tell us in the comments below!
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